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  Dober Lidsky Mathey has been a leader in creating campus solutions for colleges, universities, and schools for almost 50 years, and we believe in sharing our ideas and observations with our clients as well as others in our industry.

Higher Education is changing, as it has since the 14th Century. Sometimes the change has been slow and subtle and at other times, change has been rapid and not subtle, like today. From technology to pedagogy, from finances to operations, and from students to campus life, higher ed is very different from the way it was just a decade ago.


Our latest book "Perspectives on Campus Planning", published July 2015, contains articles and writings that reflect our reactions, observations, and perspectives on the changes that are relentlessly emerging. We hope you find these helpful as you work to guide your institution to an ever-brighter future. If you would like to order a copy of our latest book, please click on the book cover below.

  • Perspectives on Campus Planning
    By: Arthur J. Lidsky and George G. Mathey
  • Campus Planning
    By: Richard P. Dober
  • Campus Design
    By: Richard P. Dober

  • Campus Architecture Building in the Groves Academe
    By: Richard P. Dober

  • Campus Landscape Functions, Forms, Features
    By: Richard P. Dober

  • Campus Heritage
    By: Richard P. Dober

  • Old Main Fame, Fate and Contributions to Campus Planning and Design
    By: Richard P. Dober
  • Campus Image and Identity
    By: Richard P. Dober
  • A Pattern Language
    by Christopher Alexander

  • Campus
    by Paul Venable Turner

  • Doing Academic Planning
    edited by Brian P. Nedwek

  • Facing Facts Realism in American Thought and Culture, 1850-1920
    by David E. Shi

  • Image of the City
    by Kevin Lynch

  • How Buildings Learn What Happens After They're Built
    by Stewart Brand

  • The Oregon Experiment
    by Christopher Alexander

  • The Spaces Between Buildings
    by Larry R. Ford


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