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  Facility Programming documents the institution's detailed instructions to its architects for the design of new construction projects or major renovations. Facility programming identifies the discrete functional elements in the project, every space required, and all critical characteristics of each space. These descriptions support the formulation of construction and project budget targets. The facility programming process generally includes two phases, a development of a summary program based on an in-depth needs assessment, and detailed program information.  
Needs Assessment determines and quantifies facility changes required to better support an institution's mission and academic plan. In a participatory process involving the affected user groups, facility needs are described and quantified. From data developed through this exchange, combined with facility database information, projections for the necessary amounts and types of space can be made.

I believe that working with DLM to conceptualize and program this project has definitely transformed the Department, the School, and the entire campus. Working with DLM and your staff was a pleasure, and I am confident that the faculty members who were an integral part of the team would echo my sentiments. You listened very closely to our concerns, paid close attention to the details about our programs and needs, and truly helped us flesh out our hopes and dreams for a modern facility.

I believe that, in the end, those hopes and dreams were attained to a much greater extent than any of us could have predicted. Your focused work and "personal touch" really helped the project move forward. ..Read more..

-Michael G. Tannenbaum, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Science and Professor of Biology
Marist College


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