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  Campus Planning refers to the planning and development of the campus built environment over the long-term. A planning study may focus on identifying an optimal site for the construction of a new building or creation of a new landscape, or it may be a vital signs assessment which identifies priority campus issues for additional study. Dober Lidsky Mathey’s campus planning services are usually part of a comprehensive campus plan study, although some of the services described below can be applied to more narrowly-defined assignments.  
Needs Projections are made as an initial phase of a campus planning study to determine what building and site changes will be required to better support an institution's mission and academic plan. Issues and concerns, once defined, become the agenda for planning. In a participatory process, the agenda can be clearly described and quantified, and then prioritized. The extent of campus improvements can be determined by the needs projections, informed by environmental mapping and facility database analysis.

The results of the work by DLM have been transformative. The professionalism, the thoughtfulness, and the care DLM has brought to Spelman over the years has resulted in a beautiful campus with renovated buildings built in the 1800’s and the early 1900’s and new structures that are not only technologically advanced, but are aesthetically pleasing and fit well with the remainder of the campus. Spelman considers DLM a distinguished partner in our campus development processes. The staff of DLM listens well, and they bring new and invigorating ideas to any project they have worked on within the Spelman campus. ..Read more..

-Robert D. Flanigan, Jr.
Jr. Vice President for Business and Finance
Spelman College


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