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  Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of institutions in every region of the United States as well as many foreign countries. This section of our website includes detailed case study information about 45 recent or current projects, which we believe will offer insights into the extent of our capabilities and the end result for the colleges, universities, and schools with which we work. We believe these projects will have parallels to other potential projects, but should you be looking for specific project examples not included in this list, please donít hesitate to contact us.

These case studies are available here as downloadable PDFs along with our complete project list (also a PDF).

The case studies below are divided into specific groups.

DLMís planning expertise extends well beyond the global view of a University. Their detailed understanding of academic programs and trends in space utilization and design enabled the planning team to develop a plan that is progressive, well organized, justifiable, and achievable. ..Read more..

-Patti Miller
Assistant Vice President Campus Planning
Middle Tennessee State University


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