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  Dober Lidsky Mathey has been a leader in creating campus solutions for colleges, universities, and schools for 51 years, and we believe in sharing our ideas and observations with our clients as well as others in our industry.


We take an active role in the higher education community via speaking engagements and panel discussion presentations. Presentations include:

  • Union College Alumni Symposium on The Ramee/Nott Campus Bicentennial, Arthur Lidsky was the keynote Speaker on U.S. Higher Education: College and University Trends, Fall 2013.


  • On July 29, 2013, along with colleagues from Westfield State University and the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, George Mathey presented a concurrent session at SCUP- 48 in San Diego on the topic of "Institutional Planning and Plan Execution: Integration for Impact in the Real World". The session described Westfield State's integration of strategic, financial and physical planning from the multiple viewpoints of the different speakers.


  • Art Lidsky presented at the annual No Name Conference, it was held at Niagara University, June 7-9, 2009. The topic was planning and designing buildings to be adaptable to new uses over time. Art’s presentation title was: When Old is New. Colleges and Universities have been transforming buildings from their original purpose to meet contemporary needs.

DLM is comfortable with presentations at every stage of planning and at all levels - from informal presentations to University staff, to state governing boards. ..Read more..

-Patti Miller
Assistant Vice President Campus Planning
Middle Tennessee State University


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