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  Dober Lidsky Mathey advises and assists colleges, universities, and schools with campus development, facility, and programming decisions. Our services are divided into three main categories: comprehensive campus planning, facility planning, and facility programming.

  • Comprehensive campus planning helps an institution understand the physical implications of its academic/strategic plan and encompasses a range of studies which melds the academic, financial, and physical plans into a long-term framework for development.

  • Facility planning for new or renovated space focuses on building utilization, condition, and space allocation, the enhancement of which results in optimal effectiveness and potential cost savings within existing facilities.

  • Facility programming documents the institution's detailed instructions to its architects for the design of new construction or major renovations, creates construction and project budget targets, and identifies the discrete functional elements in the project.

Dober Lidsky Mathey is a collaborative firm which enjoys highly productive relationships with our academic clients. We also routinely team with specialized consultants in areas like financial planning, academic planning, engineering, and budget assessment and targeting. We believe partnering with these experts ensures the best possible end result for our clients. The customized teams we form are ideally qualified to address each client’s specific planning goals. Please visit the Client Case Study section of our website for concrete examples of how we’ve worked with our clients on projects pertaining to campus planning, facility planning, and facility programming.

Dober Lidsky Mathey was able to support the University in a complex decision-making process to establish clear goals for both projects consistent with the Academic Master Plan, and to develop a strategy and architectural programs for new construction and backfill renovations. DLM then developed an overall master plan that integrated the new buildings and their domino effects as part of a cohesive academic core. As a result, the University was able to complete high quality designs for both projects, in budget and on schedule, with the confidence they will serve the University's academic mission for many years to come. ..Read more..

-Patti Miller
Assistant Vice President Campus Planning
Middle Tennessee State University


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