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  Facility Planning for new or renovated space, while focusing on building utilization, condition, and space allocation, is based on institutional vision and the academic plan. It allows our clients to plan new space or space reuse and to make wise decisions about capital expenditures. The implications of evolving program activity patterns and future use projections can be forecast and space needs quantified to develop a plan that will most effectively respond to change and growth. Dober Lidsky Mathey’s facility planning services can be used as part of a comprehensive facility planning study, or as part of more narrowly-defined assignments.  
Needs Assessment determines and quantifies facility changes required to better support an institution's mission and academic plan. In a participatory process involving the affected user groups, facility needs are described and quantified. From data developed through this exchange, combined with facility database information, projections for the necessary amounts and types of space can be made.

And, aside from doing a sensational job, they were very quickly able to garner the respect of the people on campus as well as the Board of Trustees – and that was critical for us. There was a point where the board and faculty were disagreeing about a particular issue and Art Lidsky, who was our main contact, could speak from his years of experience on hundreds of campuses and knowledge of our existing data and help them understand what current best practice was for our campus strategic master planning. This took the weight off my shoulders. ..Read more..

-Wendy Libby
Vice President for Business Affairs at Furman University (‘95-‘03)
President of Stephens College (‘03-‘09)
President-elect of Stetson University


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